Sisterhood Camp 2018 – June 23rd to 30th

What we do:
  • Ski Training Progression – similar to the programs we followed on the National Team
    • free-skiing: assessing and developing basic technical skills
    • stubby gates and drills
    • slalom and giant slalom gate training (full length)
  • Coaching and demonstrations by FIS World Cup / Olympic skiers
  • Private lane for the camp
  • Video analysis
  • Awesome dryland activities
  • Team bonding / group discussions about “what it takes” to become a world class athlete
  • Understanding the importance of goal-setting and journaling
  • Understanding the importance of nutrition and physical fitness
  • Daily blog updates from camp for the parents!

Why this is Important: Having a full week of uninterrupted training and self-improvement both on and off he hill is hugely beneficial for the positive development of any athlete. In this rich environment led by current U14 and FIS coaches, we are up to date on the most current course-setting, drills, mental training, physical training, and knowledge about ski racing. We create a link between professionalism and fun – showing that hard work can yield inner and outer happiness. Especially for U14’s, we feel that solidifying a baseline of persistence and determination, paired with teamwork and team bonding will set your daughters on a positive course for their upcoming seasons leading into FIS.

Cost $2399.00 –  includes: Airport pickup, lodging, meals, ski race training, coaching, mentoring, dry-land activities… and anything else during the week!

Flights: We ask that flights arrive on June 23rd before 4:00pm and leave on June 30th after 5:00pm to the Vancouver International, Canada


  • June 23  – Arrive at airport before 4:00pm.  Shuttle to Whistler (provided and chaperoned)
  • June24-26 :  SKI! Progression from free-skiing to gate training. Dry-land and video each night.
  • June 27 : Day off: group activity, goal setting, free time.
  • June 28-30: SKI: gate training only. Dry-land and video each night.
  • ON June 30th we will leave Whistler by 1:00pm.  Flights should be booked for late afternoon/night.  Shuttle provided to airport and chaperoned.

Airport Information:

We will be there when your daughter walks past security into baggage claim. Once they arrive, they will be taken care of until the point they go back through airport security at the end of camp! There are no other costs for camp – everything else is covered.


The total cost of the camp is $2399.00 You can either pay in one transaction or two. The deadline for the first half of the payment is May 1st. The second half June 1st.




  1. Email money transfer to skisisterhood@gmail.comFor us this is the easiest and

best form of payment. However, this is limited to Canadian Online banking. If you do not do online banking, there are two other



  1. Send a cheque! You can make cheques payable to Shona Rubens and send them

to and address provided by email.



As long as the cheque is in the mail by May 1st, that is okay with us.


Paypal: For USD only to with an additional 3% surcharge.

Final payment is due June 1st.

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