2018 – Whatever It Takes – Video

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That’s a wrap! We had an incredible time at the 2018 edition of The Ski Racing Sisterhood. We worked through the most challenging weather conditions to date, but we stayed positive, had lots of laughs and learned a ton! Check out the video below for a few of the highlights. Thanks to all the campers for making this one for the books. See you in 2019!


2018: Day 6 – It’s always sunny above the clouds…

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The rain couldn’t stop the girls from ripping up the GS today. The salt created a great surface and we got a ton of runs in before calling it a day and getting back to dry land!

Dryland was  a super fun game of capture the flag in the forest as well as some filming for the yearly music video (to come later!).

The girls are now all packed up and ready for a quick day of skiing tomorrow before the end of camp!

2018: Day 5 – Escaping the ordinary

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The well deserved day off was action packed and filled with laughing, contemplation, creativity and performances! We spent the morning working on journalling activities which included goal setting and discussions about gratitude and role models. Just a head up for those parents out there – they may not tell you to your face, but every single girl at some point mentioned how grateful they were to have a supportive family that provided them with the opportunity to ski race. It was pretty special to hear all the things the girls had to share about what inspires them and what they are grateful for.

After lunch we got to check out the Whistler Escape Room! The girls loved it and many of them were able to escape by working together and solving riddles! Pre-dinner activity was Tye-Dye, I cant wait to see how all the shirts turn out! I think there might be some new fashion trends on the horizon!

Dinner was delicious enchiladas and the night was wrapped up with skits! Hilarity ensued and the coaches performed a skit for only the second time in sisterhood history! Check out our instagram story for some video of the chaos!

Click link below to check out the days instagram video!


2018: Day 4 – A smooth ride

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Choosing to ski today turned out to be a great idea – the snow was hard, the sun was out and the girls crushed GS. It was amazing to have a day where everything went smoothly! We progressed from brushies to full gates and the girls stepped it up throughout the day. We pushed for a long session this morning as the girls knew they were in for a day off tomorrow.

Dryland was action packed with fun stations including ladder drills, slack lining and jumping. Our super special surprise for dryland was that GS super star Michaela Tommy joined us and helped lead a couple of the sessions! Individual video review followed dryland with Olympian Marie-Pier Prefontaine helping out the girls figure out the aspects of their skiing that was going well as well as some things they could improve upon for when we get back on snow on Friday.

Dinner was burgers, salad and watermelon for dessert. Michaela and Marie-Pier gave a talk on their racing careers and imparted some insider tips on how to use fear to your advantage as well as stories about their very first world cup races.

Everyone is looking forward to a well earned day off tomorrow, and especially the Escape Room! Photos in no particular order below!

2018: Day 3 – Crushing Slalom and Peeking from the Peakl

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After a little hiccough this morning with a broken chairlift, we all made it up to the glacier for a super productive day of slalom. We had a great progression from brushes to tall gates and some of the girls got back into cross-blocking. It was great to see everyone charging and learning. The themes of the camp have been movement in the legs and transitions from outside ski to outside ski.

We pushed the on snow training a little longer due to the slow start to the morning and the girls were all for it. Leslie also came up on the glacier with us today and provided lunch at the top of Whistler gondola before heading up the Peak chair for a fun sightseeing walk back down to the gondola complete with classic sisterhood photoshoots. This is always a great way to appreciate the amazing place we get to spend the week!

The nightly meeting included a talk about the importance of being a good teammate and a healthy inspiration to others.  So far it seems like these girls have that dialed. Dinner was an incredible lasagna that the girls were super stoked on and will provide us with good fuel as we are going to push through with a day of skiing tomorrow as there is some bad weather coming our way. The day off will now be pushed to Thursday. Photos below!


2018: Day 2 – This is not a drill!

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Well, in an outdoor sport like ski racing, things happen outside of your control that shake up the plan and you have to do your best to keep a positive attitude and roll with the punches! After a great warm-up of drills on the glacier we got the word that we would have to evacuate due to lightening in the area. It wasn’t optimum, but being up high surrounded by numerous lightening rods in the form of lift towers and mid winter conditions with poor visibility and blowing snow, it definitely felt like a smart move to head back down the mountain. Throughout the morning the girls acted with amazing positivity and great attitudes. It certainly helps make our job easier when the athletes are able to take on all the twists and turns with ease!

As we made the commute down the mountain we managed to score a rock climbing session with Whistler Core Climbing Center. We were able to keep it a surprise from the girls right up till we walked into the facilities! It was great to see the stoke in their eyes as they realized we were going climbing!

An hour was spent bouldering, rope climbing and rope swinging. The rock guides were super impressed with the girls commitment and bravery! There was absolutely no holding back and the session featured in many of the girls highlights of the day.

After climbing the girls got a chance to do some exploring of the village, a little bit of shopping and of course some managed to sneak off to cows for much loved ice cream.

Dinner was homemade pizza with a delicious fruit crisp for dessert. This was followed by a great nutrition talk with Leslie which touched on the importance of hydration, critical fueling times and healthy food choices!

We are all looking forward to a productive day of slalom tomorrow and hopefully the weather will cooperate as we are planning a trip up the Whistler peak chair with a hike back down! Photos are below!

2018 – DAY 1: Learning, laughing, lake jumping!

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What an awesome first day! We made the commute up to the glacier this morning via the whistler gondola, Peak to Peak, a shuttle bus and the 7th heaven chair! It’s a long haul, but it has to be the best commute to work you will ever do. A few of the girls spotted the first black bear of the week. Sure to be lots more!

We started off the morning with free ski warm up drills focussing on stance, balance and generating movement in the legs. Lots of runs were crushed and lots of smiles with the beautiful morning that greeted us up above the clouds. After a good snack break we got into some drill courses with brushes and stubbies, sticking with the movement and balance focus. We had one unfortunate incident with a unwanted meeting of a tbar and a few teeth, but after a check up it looks like all is well and the tough ski sister will be back to ski another day!

A delicious, well deserved lunch of spaghetti and wraps was devoured after another long commute down before heading out for dryland. Dryland was a fight against the rain and a slow run over to Alta lake where the girls ran through a good core work out on the dock followed by jumping in with no care for the rain! These are some tough gals!

A dinner of tacos by Leslie is being served up this evening to make sure the girls stay fueled for another big day tomorrow. Anna is getting ready for a slalom talk at the nightly meeting full with world cup video and insider tips 🙂

The girls worked so hard today and the attitudes on the hill and in dryland were phenomenal. So far the group has been slowly bonding and friendships starting to form. Looking forward to seeing how it all develops throughout the week! Daily photos are below!

Sisterhood 2017 Video

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What a year!! We had so much fun with the girls this summer, we left camp already excited for next year! Thanks to all of the amazing ladies that took part in the camp this summer – it’s thanks to you guys that we LOVE coming back each summer. Keep rocking and RIPPING!

Day 6 – Full Length GS and Capture the FLAG!

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What a day – another sunny day on the glacier. We took advantage of the brilliant sunshine and ran full length GS! The girls did a great job and logged tons of runs. It was a very successful day.

Off the hill for drylands we played capture the flag, for a more mellow and fun final day of dryland. We also got a lot of great footage for the music video!

We also put the interns to work today – not only did they “pace” as usual (set the line, show the girls how it’s done!) but we also had them direct the video sessions and do a talk before dinner. Their talk focused on another interesting path that many athletes take out of high school – ski racing in college. Nellie and Rosie both graduated from high school this year and are both attending schools where they will race on the NCAA circuit. They talked about what it took to get into their schools of choice (Harvard and Colby) and how to balance high school with ski racing!

It was an all-around awesome day!

Day 5 – GS!

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GS day! Yay! We had an awesome session on the glacier with the ladies today – we saw some great improvements and lots of hard work. It paid off, the girls were attacking and pushing themselves to make positive changes in their skiing. We had a cool brushy drill that really helped everyone have a good line – it was impressive to see the girls step up and commit to the line that we showed them. This afternoon was so much fun – check out our Insta story! We did agility and balance in the park followed by COLD TUBS in a glacier-water-river! The girls loved it!