Frequently Asked Questions about Summer Ski Camp in Whistler with The Ski Tacing Sisterhood.

Rooming lists: Can my daughter room with her friends?

  • Yes! We can set up friends to stay in the same rooms/condos.

We live close by, can we just meet you in Whistler?

  • Yes! However, the camp fee is set and there is no discount for not taking the shuttle.

We live close by, can we just meet you at the chairlift in the morning?

  • Yes.

Airport Pickup:  Will you be there to pick up my daughter, and will she have transport to and from Whistler?

  • Yes.  We will be there to make sure your daughter gets on the shuttle and off the shuttle both to and from the airport and Whistler.

Age: My daughter is no longer in U14, can she attend the camp?

  • Yes!  Consideration will be given to everyone who applies!

We live in Whistler, can my daughter stay at home?

  • We prefer that all athletes stay in the provided accommodation. We believe that a huge part of the camp happens at the hotel. Discussions can be had if this is a big issue.

Can Parents come to camp as well?

  • Yes! As previously noted, we prefer that all athletes stay in the provided accommodation.  If parents choose to come, they can come ski for a day, join in on some of the dryland activities, and help on the hill 🙂
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