2018: Day 5 – Escaping the ordinary

By June 28, 2018 Uncategorized

The well deserved day off was action packed and filled with laughing, contemplation, creativity and performances! We spent the morning working on journalling activities which included goal setting and discussions about gratitude and role models. Just a head up for those parents out there – they may not tell you to your face, but every single girl at some point mentioned how grateful they were to have a supportive family that provided them with the opportunity to ski race. It was pretty special to hear all the things the girls had to share about what inspires them and what they are grateful for.

After lunch we got to check out the Whistler Escape Room! The girls loved it and many of them were able to escape by working together and solving riddles! Pre-dinner activity was Tye-Dye, I cant wait to see how all the shirts turn out! I think there might be some new fashion trends on the horizon!

Dinner was delicious enchiladas and the night was wrapped up with skits! Hilarity ensued and the coaches performed a skit for only the second time in sisterhood history! Check out our instagram story for some video of the chaos!

Click link below to check out the days instagram video!