Day 3: Full Length Slalom and Peak to Peak!

By June 27, 2017 girl power, ski camp, ski sisters

Today was officially a record-breaking day for The Ski Racing Sisterhood! We got between 20 and 25 runs today! The conditions held up so well and the girls even ran a full length slalom at the end of our session. To say we dominated slalom would be an understatement! We absolutely crushed our final day of slalom and everyone was psyched until the last run.

We downloaded to mid-station and had a picnic at the Rendez-vous before before taking the Peak2Peak chair over to Whistler. We the loaded the Peak chair and walked down the snow corridor! It was one of the biggest snow years we’ve seen, it was super fun!

Check out some of our pics 🙂

*ps: due to our limited internet connection the pic resolution is lower than normal, our apologies!