Day 3 – Workin’ Hard and Shredding!

By June 27, 2016 Uncategorized

Another amazing day on the glacier was had by the girls and the coaches. With smiles, sunshine and some hardcore charging through tough conditions, Day 3 of camp was a success! The girls pushed hard as the courses started to deteriorate, but stayed motivated and positive! It was awesome to see such great work ethic which was fueled by Leslie’s delicious energy balls and home made muffins!

Lunch was devoured by many a tired athlete. With the beating sun and the plentiful runs in the course we needed some tasty food to get us through the rest of the day! Dryland consisted of another run to Lost Lake followed by rejuvenating yoga led by Anna, as well as a few rounds of core. Lost Lake is a perfect place to spend the afternoon and we managed to get a headstart on our tradition of camp music video! Stay tuned!

For dinner Leslie served up a delicious freshly made lasagna complete with garlic bread and both spinach and caesar salads and the girls chowed down while watching video from the day.

All in all it was an awesome day. Super hot and we are encouraging the girls to drink LOTS of water and keeping on a fresh layer of sunscreen at all times.

Tomorrow is our last day of slalom and then an exciting trip over to Whistler across the Peak to Peak, should be a great day!