Day 6 – Crushing GS and Cold Tubbin’

By June 30, 2016 Uncategorized

Day one in GS was a total success. We had a magical commute up the mountain with the early morning sun shining through the valley fog. The girls figured out the long skis quickly and got in a ton of runs. We worked on moving forward with the hips and creating constant flow through the turns. We were lucky enough to have Marie-Pier Prefontaine do some awesome demos for the girls. The snow stayed hard and the girls continued to improve all morning.

Dryland consisted of stair workouts, ladder drills and circuit training followed by a well deserved cold tub in the river to reduce swelling and flush the lactate acid from the legs. Although it is tough to force yourself into the cold cold river, it makes your legs feel amazing after!!

Dinner was delicious tacos that were devoured by the hungry campers. We have video sessions planned for this evening and then an early bed to be prepared for another great day of GS on the glacier tomorrow! Enjoy the photos!