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Today was our well-deserved day off! The girls slept in and had a (hopefully) relaxing morning. We then got together and had a group yoga and goal-setting session. For the goal session, we had everyone bring their journals and write down their short and long term goals – both dream goals and easily attainable goals. We also had them write some steps they could take in order to increase their odds of achieving these goals.

Goal setting, no matter the goal, is such an important part of life and sport. We strongly believe that setting goals gives athletes a long term vision and a short term motivation. Writing the steps needed to be taken in order to achieve these goals promotes organization and time management. The girls were super receptive and willing to participate, which was amazing. We all wrote a lot of great goals – and writing them (or acknowledging them) is the first step taken towards achieving them. It was an awesome learning experience.

Then, the girls got to participate in The ESCAPE ROOM! Everyone seemed super stoked about it! The escape room is basically a team-work and problem solving activity where in order to “escape” they need to solve a bunch of different riddles.

After a superb day off, I think we are all ready to jump back onto skis and into GS! Yahoo! MP gave a great background and motivational speech that really inspired everyone. She has a ton of experience and is fresh off the World Cup as one of Canada’s best giant slalom skiers. We are so lucky to have her, and the girls are taking in everything she has to say!

Lucky us – the weather is still amazing and we are having tons of fun – but, gotta run, Leslie’s yummy food is ready!!!


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